Best Practices For Saving Money In Plumbing Projects

Regardless of how scared you are about plumbing nightmares, they will happen – soon. Your toilet seat may decide to break when you’re having Thanksgiving celebrations or when you’re having a barbecue for family. Irvine is known for these issues. Rather than live with these sources of embarrassment, you have to contact a leading plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers to bail you out.
From our experience, we have been fortunate enough to identify a few things you can do to save money off plumbing issues.

Prevent And Maintain Your Plumbing Systems
We understand that you live a very busy life filled with lots of deadlines, kids, school, etc. But the truth is, by focusing on being busy, we tend to overlook the much needed repairs or maintenance routines for our home water and sewerage systems.

For example; it takes sometime for particles to accumulate in the home drainage systems, so does it take for grease within moving pipes to dry. By overlooking maintenance (by yourself or through hiring someone) for these systems, you escalate the small problem into a bigger, more costly one.

To stay on top of the needed maintenance processes, get in touch with a plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers of California for a maintenance contract. In the long term, you’ll end up saving a lot of money.
Only Use Affordable Professionals
One of the most common mistakes we see a lot of people making is going for the cheapest plumbing quote they can find on the web. The truth is, why is a plumbing company offering massive discounts to you if they are paying highly qualified plumbing contractors?

Since plumbing is such an essential aspect of the home, you should take the hiring of plumbing professionals very seriously. Apart from comparing different plumbing quotes against deliverable, you should also stick to hiring only the best plumbing professionals. This not only saves money directly, but also does it indirectly when quality, lasting work is performed.

Think About Replacements
Lets face it, operating with faulty faucets long enough is extremely challenging. It is also very costly if you have to carry out repairs repeatedly. The ideal way to save money on “chronic” repairs is to consider total replacement or overhaul.

Research has shown that people who replace extremely used up faucets, toilet seats or broken sinks tend to save a lot of money. Sometimes, replacing is the only way to kiss your plumbing issue nightmares goodbye.

Research Your Irvine Plumbers
Due diligence can seem like a lot of work for you. However, do you know that it can help you save a lot of money and time if done accordingly? Finding a good plumber has become harder owing to the massive numbers operating handyman companies. However, if you make it your policy to thoroughly vet every plumber, including us, you will save money on good workmanship as well as accrued discounts.

In conclusion, if you never thought it was possible to save money with plumbing, we hope that this article has changed your mind. Apply the message therein in all your plumbing endeavors and you will save a lot of money.


Opinions on business LOCs: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I'm tempted to take out a $50,000 LOC for my business so that we don't have to worry week-to-week or month-to-month about cash flow issues. We've operated for 2.5 years on no credit whatsoever and there's been a few hairy moments but not too many. I'm curious how many of you have done the same thing and what your experience was with your LOC.

Did it improve your ability to manage cash flow?

Did you abuse it like I did my credit cards in my teens and twenties?

What are the Dos and Don'ts?

How much shopping around should I do if I decide to go this route?

what’s an effective pricing method when I’m getting charged by weight for shipping?

my market is based all around the world, and my shipping provider charges the a fixed fee plus a an additional fee per gram.

at the moment, I'm building the shipping cost into every item and charging a flat rate for International orders.

the downside to this is: prices seem higher to the customer so they may not buy. but if I do it the other way (adding shipping weight cost calculations) then customers get scared off at checkout. additionally, local buyers are paying more than they need to, as their shipping isn't charged by the gram.

are there any other tried and tested methods I could try?

Need some suggestion for burger fast food concept.

Hi everyone! I have a plan to build a fast food burger joint in Indonesia. There are burger joints that has a few concept around here that focus on different aspect like burger and metal music, a burger joint that specialized in to not using vegetables to their burgers and also the artisan style burger. For now, the burger joint that specialized in to not using is pretty hype and popular especially with the younger segment around 18-30 I guess.

So, I was thinking to make coleslaw as my signature, brand and unique selling point, but personally I don't really believe that people would like it. Burger with lettuce and tomato is more popular and suitable. Also, I really like the in n out and shake shack burger concept. They just really "honest" with their brand and burger, just a classic cheeseburger that's been popular since 1900s and they're really specialized at making it. I tend to avoid artisan burger since the price would be very expensive and I have a plan to franchise this burger joint if it's stable enough, so maybe in n out burger or shake shack is quite suitable for my needs.

Regarding this post, I need some opinions about my burger and place concept or brand.. Should I go with my coleslaw as my vegetables or I strive to make a classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato that is very delicious like shake and shack or in n out? Also if you have any burger joint concept that is unique, feel free to comment.. I am really happy if everyone can participate.

Thank you!

Turning my Freelance Writing Career Into a Business Entity

Hi Folks,

To make a long story short, I've been a freelance writer for about ten years now, and it has become clear that it's time for me to step things up. I've been landing a lot of private clients (re: not working through as many agencies contract-wise anymore) and have been told by mentors that it's time to stop being a "dude" and start being a company.

I have a name, a general idea of where the business will go and an idea of how it will be taxed (llc taxed as s corp) AND i'm meeting with a new accountant tomorrow to discuss all of this. My question to you all is: what do I need to keep in mind as I move forward with this? I will still be a sole proprietor for all intents and purposes (i may contract out employees eventually).