Best Practices For Saving Money In Plumbing Projects

Regardless of how scared you are about plumbing nightmares, they will happen – soon. Your toilet seat may decide to break when you’re having Thanksgiving celebrations or when you’re having a barbecue for family. Irvine is known for these issues. Rather than live with these sources of embarrassment, you have to contact a leading plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers to bail you out.
From our experience, we have been fortunate enough to identify a few things you can do to save money off plumbing issues.

Prevent And Maintain Your Plumbing Systems
We understand that you live a very busy life filled with lots of deadlines, kids, school, etc. But the truth is, by focusing on being busy, we tend to overlook the much needed repairs or maintenance routines for our home water and sewerage systems.

For example; it takes sometime for particles to accumulate in the home drainage systems, so does it take for grease within moving pipes to dry. By overlooking maintenance (by yourself or through hiring someone) for these systems, you escalate the small problem into a bigger, more costly one.

To stay on top of the needed maintenance processes, get in touch with a plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers of California for a maintenance contract. In the long term, you’ll end up saving a lot of money.
Only Use Affordable Professionals
One of the most common mistakes we see a lot of people making is going for the cheapest plumbing quote they can find on the web. The truth is, why is a plumbing company offering massive discounts to you if they are paying highly qualified plumbing contractors?

Since plumbing is such an essential aspect of the home, you should take the hiring of plumbing professionals very seriously. Apart from comparing different plumbing quotes against deliverable, you should also stick to hiring only the best plumbing professionals. This not only saves money directly, but also does it indirectly when quality, lasting work is performed.

Think About Replacements
Lets face it, operating with faulty faucets long enough is extremely challenging. It is also very costly if you have to carry out repairs repeatedly. The ideal way to save money on “chronic” repairs is to consider total replacement or overhaul.

Research has shown that people who replace extremely used up faucets, toilet seats or broken sinks tend to save a lot of money. Sometimes, replacing is the only way to kiss your plumbing issue nightmares goodbye.

Research Your Irvine Plumbers
Due diligence can seem like a lot of work for you. However, do you know that it can help you save a lot of money and time if done accordingly? Finding a good plumber has become harder owing to the massive numbers operating handyman companies. However, if you make it your policy to thoroughly vet every plumber, including us, you will save money on good workmanship as well as accrued discounts.

In conclusion, if you never thought it was possible to save money with plumbing, we hope that this article has changed your mind. Apply the message therein in all your plumbing endeavors and you will save a lot of money.

Testing marketing emails deliver-ability rate.


I use constant contact for marketing emails. I like constant contact over mailchimp due to customer service.

However, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a deliver-ability rate service. For example, has a free version that tells you what percentage of emails were delivered. However the paid version is $50 month which gives you a break down of what is sending it to spam. This price seems high. Does anyone use a service like this and can recommend one?

Advice. Where do I go from here?

i just recetly opened an online store, I got alot of help and feeback from other subreddits. I think i am on the right path. Now is the hard part, where to go with marketing and feom here? I have a few friends that are interested in helping me marketing. I am in college and in technology/bluetooth niche currently so it is relevant with our social mediafollowing. Just yesterday I shared my store with my social media and got a sale!! I have been looking into an affilate program for my friends who want to help and make a little money. I dont have a ton of money to spend on marketing. What would be the most practical and cost effective plan of action for me going forward in terms or marketing and outreach? I am planning on reaching out to social media influences and bloggers. What other cost effective tools can I be using. appreciate all the advice in advance. sorry im on mobile so the format and spelling may suck!!

I have an idea and absolutely no idea where to go from here.

Hey there. I have an idea for essentially a web app that is a bit of a takeoff on fantasy sports. I have no idea where to go from here but I feel like the idea is unique enough and fun enough(it is a game I have played with a friend of mine for years, and we love it). My instincts tell me to maybe shop the idea to fantasy sports websites or to hire a web developer to create the game but I would want to figure out if there really is any potential here first. Any advice? Thank you

5 Game-Changing Insights into Digital Travel Industry 2017

Traveling industry is as old as the world. But even an old dog can learn new tricks. Stay up-to-date with game-changing insights into major trends of Digital Travel Industry 2017.

It is hard to find an industry that hasn’t been influenced by IT development during the last 10-20 years. But Travel and Leisure industry, which is always at the cutting edge of new technologies, is the one, where these changes are most noticeable.

Rubyroid Labs has a lot of clients from the Travel industry. That is why we decided to pick up 5 main insights that have been brought about to Travel Industry in 2017. We are sure some of them will be of high use for other industries as well.

1. Extended Travel Experience

Previously each Company was focusing on their own product: flight companies were selling tickets; car rental companies were offering vehicles, etc. The main change in the industry, to a great extent, thanks to the technology, is that now it’s not ending with just buying a ticket.

No wonder that most big players on the market is launching side services be it Google Flights or Car Rental from Airbnb.

Many companies cooperate to provide comprehensive travel experience, which is great for both sides. So even if you are not ready to extend your business, consider working in cooperation with other vendors in the industry.

2. Social Media Ecosystem

We all should admit that today any travel exists not only in the offline world but also in the social media ecosystem. People love to tell about their vacations and share holiday photos. 52% of travelers admitted that social media affected their travel plans and 80% said that they post information about their travels online.

This means that it makes sense to invest into promoting your company via social networks. But even more, this means that it makes sense to boost your online presence, provide handy features like single sign on and encourage customers to share their positive experience online.

3. Rise of Mobile

Quite in hand with the previous trend goes the rise of mobile. People not only use it to access social networks but also widely use it to prepare for the trip. Today more than 1 quarter of all travel orders are made online and the numbers keep growing.

This sounds quite logical with the general rise of Mobile use. So make sure you that you are ready for mobile invasion with an app or at least mobile adapted web page.

4. Recommendations Drive Revenue

According to statistics, 80% of Users are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend than an ad. As you see, the rule that is true for offline world works in the online world as well.

When going for a holiday people look into reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, your Facebook Pages, and Reference Section. Remember, that angry customer is always more motivated to leave a review, so make sure you motivate happy customers to keep the balance. If you are an aggregator and don’t provide the service directly, make sure you have a reference section.

5. Add-ons are the King

It turns out that in many cases your revenue comes not from your main product, but from add-ons. This is especially true for the airline industry, where add-ons compile $50+ billion markets.

This includes upgrades, frequent flyer programs, bundles, and others. You probably noticed that these types of things would look good not only in the travel business but in many others. So this is where other industries can learn from and enjoy bigger revenues and happier customers.

As you see, Digital Travel Industry is on the rise today, with more technology coming it’s hard to predict what’s going to be the next big thing, but we will keep you posted.