Best Practices For Saving Money In Plumbing Projects

Regardless of how scared you are about plumbing nightmares, they will happen – soon. Your toilet seat may decide to break when you’re having Thanksgiving celebrations or when you’re having a barbecue for family. Irvine is known for these issues. Rather than live with these sources of embarrassment, you have to contact a leading plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers to bail you out.
From our experience, we have been fortunate enough to identify a few things you can do to save money off plumbing issues.

Prevent And Maintain Your Plumbing Systems
We understand that you live a very busy life filled with lots of deadlines, kids, school, etc. But the truth is, by focusing on being busy, we tend to overlook the much needed repairs or maintenance routines for our home water and sewerage systems.

For example; it takes sometime for particles to accumulate in the home drainage systems, so does it take for grease within moving pipes to dry. By overlooking maintenance (by yourself or through hiring someone) for these systems, you escalate the small problem into a bigger, more costly one.

To stay on top of the needed maintenance processes, get in touch with a plumbing company like Fanning Plumbers of California for a maintenance contract. In the long term, you’ll end up saving a lot of money.
Only Use Affordable Professionals
One of the most common mistakes we see a lot of people making is going for the cheapest plumbing quote they can find on the web. The truth is, why is a plumbing company offering massive discounts to you if they are paying highly qualified plumbing contractors?

Since plumbing is such an essential aspect of the home, you should take the hiring of plumbing professionals very seriously. Apart from comparing different plumbing quotes against deliverable, you should also stick to hiring only the best plumbing professionals. This not only saves money directly, but also does it indirectly when quality, lasting work is performed.

Think About Replacements
Lets face it, operating with faulty faucets long enough is extremely challenging. It is also very costly if you have to carry out repairs repeatedly. The ideal way to save money on “chronic” repairs is to consider total replacement or overhaul.

Research has shown that people who replace extremely used up faucets, toilet seats or broken sinks tend to save a lot of money. Sometimes, replacing is the only way to kiss your plumbing issue nightmares goodbye.

Research Your Irvine Plumbers
Due diligence can seem like a lot of work for you. However, do you know that it can help you save a lot of money and time if done accordingly? Finding a good plumber has become harder owing to the massive numbers operating handyman companies. However, if you make it your policy to thoroughly vet every plumber, including us, you will save money on good workmanship as well as accrued discounts.

In conclusion, if you never thought it was possible to save money with plumbing, we hope that this article has changed your mind. Apply the message therein in all your plumbing endeavors and you will save a lot of money.


How do I incorporate in the US, but still live in Canada, who do I pay for my Taxes?


So I'm going to be putting myself in a weird situation start of next year.

First, I work part contracts in Canada and have paid taxes here. I am not incorporated here.

I still plan on living and working here, but I have a side online retail business that sells to the US which is where I lay my concern. I do have an agent that is working on commission for me but that's it most of the work is done by me and this person is only brought in when they have a successful lead.

My questions are: First, I have no idea how all this works, is Delaware still one of the better places to register a corporation because its seen as a tax shelter?

Second, I ideally want a LLC, but what would be the best for my online retail because like most its all arbitraged? I am going to be the only employee and the other is only a part-time on call contract.

Third, if I understand correctly, I first get incorporated in say Delaware, would I have to apply for individual business licenses in all states to be able to collect tax and would I also have to incorporate in that state?

Fourthly, and most importantly, how do I deal with the taxes? If I was collecting taxes on sales from my understanding anything that isn't overhead including the taxes I collect, fall into the net profit category which is taxable?

Fourthly-b, Also because I am in two areas, I pay my usual taxes here in Canada, I pay my business's taxes to the IRS in the states, but what happens after? If I was to withdraw my earnings from the US after taxes to Canada, would that be considered taxable again as income when it comes to me in Canada? Or is it possible to expense stuff in my US corporation for me in Canada?

Help – Updating Parents business..

Hey Folks,

Just after some help. I have my own business, but my parents also have a business, which they are now the 5th generation of (First opened our doors in 1887). We are in a small town in northern Ireland & the shop sells a mixture of Jewellery & Irish souvenirs, since we are a tourist/ seaside town. This also means that their main trade times are quite seasonal. (June-August). My parents aren't up to date with technology at all.. I have helped my mum set up an instagram page & facebook page, but she doesnt use it as much as she should. I know that there is so much potential for the shop to be a lot busier than it is, especially because we are so close to the Bushmills Distillery, Giants Causeway & Game of Thrones area's, but how would this best be approached? We have an awkward to spell surname, which is what the shop is known as locally, so don't think that would work as a website.. I do think they need a good website, even if they only had a few things on it to start with..

Another problem they are facing is that there are a couple of other jewellers in the neighbouring town, which seem to have the 'Trendy' factor.. They sell mainly brand name stuff, which people seem to be going for over their quality items.

What could they do to grow their brand & sales?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Mileage clarification – self employed home business

I have a sole proprietor llc for my drafting consulting business. I work out of my house but often go to other offices for meetings or field work. When it comes to logging my miles, I’m having trouble between using a spreadsheet or MileIQ.

Here is a scenario. I’m driving to another office for a meeting.

Home office to client = 10 Miles. Client to grocery store = 2 Miles Grocery store back to home office = 9 Miles

When I was using a spreadsheet I would just log 20 Miles. Thinking using the direct rout back though that wasn’t the route taken.

But MileIQ wants to track each stop. So it either adds that additional mile for the grocery store or I subtract that trip and loose a mile. Since the grocery store was personal.

This is a simplified version of a trip, but I’ll normally drive 50 Miles a day, and feel I’m either missing out on mileage using a spreadsheet or gaining a lot thru MileIQ.

Starting a rental business. One investor/One worker. How are profits normally divided?

The idea is to buy a fixer upper property, do the fixing, then rent it out. Then move on to the next property when funds permit. Going to have two people involved(father/son). Father will provide all of the capital, son will do all of the work(fixing/finding renters/etc)

In small businesses like that how is the profit normally divided? We want to be fair and upfront with each other.

Marketing 4 artists

Hey everyone in the r/smallbusiness community, I had a question for you artists out there. I was wondering how do you build up clientele? How do you even find clients? I'm a 19 year old artist trying to make a living freelancing and I've made a couple of sales here & there but I haven't really build a strong client base. Any tips or advice? Even if you have any tips for self-promotion or marketing in general I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you so much in advance! 💛

Cancellation/Refund Policy Advice?

Hey I was wondering what would be the best refund policy if my client decides to cancel on me when I'm preparing their floral arrangements.

If I haven't made anything but had prepared all the flowers to used the next day, as compensation I would charge 20% of the deposit fee. But, if I had made the floral arrangements that cant be reused (cut less then 4/5") or are not guaranteed sellable (boutonnières, corsages, flower petals, flower crowns, center pieces)there will be no refunds +20% charge of the rest of the deposit fee.

EX. (If my client request $300 worth of arrangements that have to cut down less than 5", and I made $150 worth of arrangements that have been cut less then 5" +20% charge of what's left of the fee. $150×20% = 30$. In total I would get $180 for compensation, and $120 would be returned). Unless I finished all the arrangements , should I just charge the 5"Rule arrangements and not the 20% for the labor fee/cancellation?

I'm already confusing myself because there could be so many possibilities, like if I were to make all of the arrangements and they canceled etc, so if I could get some help that would be nice, maybe I'm overthinking it.

P.S also I sell at a booth where my regular/non wedding theme bouquets are at 6" or taller.