Really considering starting my own small business. What are some things I need to know?

So here's the thing, this is an idea that I'm only at the moment just toying with. The bottom line is, I don't want to work for anybody, I want to work for myself. Problem is, other than not knowing the first thing about starting my own business, I don't have any ideas what it would be for. Obviously I need to think of something that there is a market for, but in wondering how other successful businesspeople came up with their ideas. I do have passions in life, but I honestly don't know how to turn that into a business. I'll go ahead and name them for the sake of some ideas. But I'm very passionate about lacrosse, about hiking, camping, nature in general, I collect thins like vinyls. That really all I can think of at the moment. I think people are going to say, "well, denim_chicken23, obviously you open some sort of sporting goods store or record store or lacrosse shop". And that sound fine and well, but there's already 2 record stores in town, we've already got a Dick's Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports and probably even some smaller local sporting good stores that I'm not aware of. How did all of you come up with ideas that were successful?


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