Help with Incorporation, single contractor

I am a new graduate from BC, Canada. I took a job offer right after I graduated and flew to Montreal two days later. The job is a contracting position and the condition was that I had to be incorporated. I didn't have a lot of time so I incorporated online before I flew out. I then registered my company number with Revenue Agency and got my gst/qst/payroll number. I put "none for now" for the directors, shareholders etc when I was setting the company up. I only put myself as the president.

However, now I'm not sure what steps I need to take to pay myself. I read somewhere I need a lawyer or accountant to structure my company before I can get paid.

I want to save the most taxes obviously and read that paying myself a small salary or no salary and dividends instead. How do I do that?

Does each withdrawal from the business account = Salary?

Thanks for any advice.


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