Selling Ad Space to Interested Small Businesses

Hi everyone,

Hopefully, I'm not breaking any rules here. If I am I would be obliged if you could point me in the right direction.

I have a mobile app that is expected to release (beta) this week. We have a small following (100-200) in some local schools (I'm a high school student)

We're offering some cheap ad space to any interested parties who would like to run an ad on the app. It'll be a flat fee for a given period of time, and you decide the terms.

Obviously, I don't got a lot to offer right now in terms of eyeballs, since it's in beta. But we're hoping to create some early connections. I can post the link the website, once it goes live. (Should be in a couple of days.) But if you are interested, PM or reply here and i'll get back to you.



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