PSA: Avoid Rainmaker website platform & go with WordPress instead

If you're wondering which website platform to use, I just wanted to share a lesson learned after a year of pain for my small business.

If you've ever considered using the New Rainmaker Platform instead of WordPress, either for your own business or your clients', I'm here to proceed with caution. While I think the platform can work well for the most basic users willing to pay a premium for simplicity, it lacks quite a bit of control and versatility.

I hosted my primary website there for over a year, and I struggled with it from day one. Here are 8 reasons I chose to leave the platform behind and just return to a self-hosted WordPress install. * My life has been smoother ever since. * Cumbersome custom theme updates * No direct access to files via cPanel or FTP * Convoluted feature activation processes * Expensive with rising prices * Difficulty sourcing developers * No way to upgrade performance or resources * No additional plugins allowed * Limited admin or visual editor customizations For more details, feel free to check out my full post on the 8 Reasons I Left Rainmaker Platform for WordPress. For most of my clients building their first site, I always recommend WordPress now.


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