How can my Afghan friend research tomato sauce packaging and preparation?

x-post with /r/entrepreneur and /r/foodindustry

I have a friend who is a UK-Afghanistan duel citizen. My friend wants to sell a simple tomato sauce in soft plastic packaging, but he is not sure how to heat and prepare the sauce before packaging. (He doesn't want his customers to get sick.) I tried to help him look for resources on how to do this, but I have come up empty.

As you may know, the Afghan economy is in total ruins after Taliban rule from 1996-2001 and the US-Afghanistan war since 2001. The country is in constant, desperate need for economic growth, and a small business like his can contribute to rebuilding the country.

If you know of any good websites, books, or services that he can access in the UK where he can learn more about safely preparing and packaging tomato sauce, please let me know. Thanks!


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