Starting sweets/gift company. Tips & Pointers?

I have been working with cakes/cupcakes/baked goods for a few years. My mother owned a company selling these kinds of things and I worked under her. She quit about 2 years ago and I am looking to start where we left off. I won't be offering as much because I am. Only one person taking on hopefully two lines of business. The second side will involve tying dirt track racing, NASCAR, and other motor sports into small gifts and such. Wreaths, jewlery, t-shirts, and things like that. My area is very involved in the racing community so I see it as an opportunity to bring myself closer with these things. I have a strong passion for hometown dirt tracks, and I can understand the want to have things like this because of my SO being a dedicated, one man racing team. I would love to offer something to the hardworking drivers, pit crews, and fans of these guys.

My main concerns are– ·How can I choose a business name that incorporates these both? I am very picky about being tacky or overused. ·How can I choose my website and ordering methods? I hope that the bakery side will not be too busy or overtake the other. I enjoy it but my schedule does not always allow me to be home when most orders will have to be completed and delivered. We had a Facebook page for the previous business and that worked out very well. I would like to use Etsy for the other half. It would be easier to maintain orders I believe. Is this an okay way to start out? How would you approach this? ·I would love any tips, pointers, and do's and don't's that you have to offer.

I know this is lengthy but I am really hoping to get everything set up successfully and with as little headache as possible. Thanks for any help! It is greatly appreciated!


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