Apple invoicing software that isn’t cloud based, suggestions?

Hi all,

I've been using "Billings" on my Macs for years and have been mostly pleased with it. A few years back they turned their standalone software into a cloud based app and started charging a monthly fee, but luckily existing users were allowed to continue using their "old" versions.

Now, I'd gladly continue using this software but I have recently started a new business. Billings however won't allow me to create a second business so that option is out. I've looked at Billings Pro (the cloud based version) but that doesn't allow for a secondary business either. The icing on the cake is that my existing business is registered in the Netherlands and my new one is registered in Germany. Both countries have different tax rates and a variety of other tiny nuisances.

Anyways, I've been looking around other software packages and have found most to be either

  • a hosted / cloud based solution
  • a multiple thousand dollar package
  • lacking invoicing design options
  • incompatible with macs
  • incompatible with dutch / german systems
  • single business only
  • or all of the above

Now I'm happy to continue using the standalone, old version of Billings for as long as it'll let me for my existing business but I'm in need of a solution for my new business.

My requirements are straightforward:

  • must work with german tax system or have a customisable tax setup
  • must have plenty of options to design my invoices, not just premade templates
  • must be either self hosted (local php/mysql server) or a standalone app, no cloud dependant software
  • must be reasonably priced, no monthly fee

A few nice-to-haves:

  • multiple businesses, all with different templates and separate invoice/statement/estimate counters
  • support for woocommerce, etsy, ebay, paypal

I realise that this is quite the list of requirements and that most software these days is moving to the cloud, but I'd like to thoroughly look at stand alone apps that don't require monthly payments before considering other options.


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