Help with setting up internet, phones, and a fax for an office without landline

I don't have an extensive knowledge of how phones and faxes work, so forgive me if my understanding is a little basic.

My dad is just starting to run a small business in an office that has a phone (they have two phones for the same number: line 1 & line 2) and fax (and the phones and fax have different numbers, so I guess we have two phone lines?).

The setup works but the problem is that it's needlessly expensive at least by our standards. Combined internet and phones is >$500/month. The office is located in a relatively remote area away from the streets, so apparently it wasn't easy to bring service here. Plus, the internet is excruciatingly slow. Around 10Mbits down. A lot of the work is website-based and it's very stressful to wait several seconds for a page to load.

I was brought in recently and thought there has to be a better way. One advantage is that there is excellent 4G coverage there from Verizon and I can get at least 50Mbits down tethering from my phone. Verizon seems to have a solution for this.

Verizon has a device to turn a 4G connection essentially into a modem/router: The plan goes for $150/mo for but that is cheap compared to what we pay now.

I was thinking of using the above device for the two phones (line 1 and line 2 sharing the same number), and for the fax (which apparently has a dedicated number) we could plug into one of the verizon router's ethernet ports a VoIP phone adapter linked with Google Voice: which is basically free. I understand we may have to change phone/fax numbers for the business but I don't think that's a big deal.

My question is would this work? Again, I'm not an expert with these sort of things so this is just theory. Thanks.


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