I need guidance on how to get specific with my service business.

I own a service business and have owned if for 9 years. My service is very "general," meaning, I do a lot of different things that relate to my practice.

What I've learned within the past year or so is that I don't really have a business, I have a group of clients that I do things for. I've realized that a business is a service that solves a problem for a group.

Where I fall short is I do not have any defined processes, services, or the like. This reason makes it hard to find new clients as I really don't have a sales process.

Think of it this way: It's like I have a warehouse full of lumber and all the tools necessary to build ANYTHING for my clients. Now, that's a hard sell. It would be more productive to build and sell rocking chairs to a retirement home that it would be to sell "anything" to "anyone."

I need some guidance on building a better business by developing service products, retainers, or the like, so I can better sell, service, and do business for my customers.

Any suggestions on articles, books, or the like?

Edit: I own a web development company. We've been many things through the years: Web Design Shop, Web Application Developers, Online Marketers. Our skills encompass everything from design, to development, to SEO, to conversions, to inbound/emails, etc. However, we're basically a "do anything for anyone" type of business. I'm not necessarily trying to niche into a specific industry, although that may help, but rather trying to better define where my company stands. For example, web dev only, or SEO only, etc. As well as how to define and differentiate our "products." — I started out as a freelancer and started a business from that. However, in a sense, my business is essentially still a freelancer, not an actual "business."

Not having defined "solutions" is negatively affecting everything, from targeting, to selling.



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