Payroll Services (Gusto in particular)

We are a small business of ~25 employees. We currently do our Payroll in-house through Quickbooks. Our in-house book keeper handles all of the state and federal reporting along with tracking of sick and vacation time through QB. We are double-entering data because we have to do the payroll calculations in Quickbooks and then schedule the direct deposit payment through our bank.

In a perfect world, for the price, Gusto looks to me like it would a huge time saver for us and clean up our HR operation overall. The key selling points to me being:

  1. For a mere $200 or so a month we could free up quite a bit of time for the book keeper to focus on other things
  2. If the book keeper was out of town or sick or something (or God forbid, got hit by a bus), we could run payroll, commissions, etc. pretty intuitively without her
  3. We would have a platform for employees to request time off and the software would keep track of that automatically
  4. We would have an employee on-boarding portal where new employees could fill out all of their forms electronically and set their selves up.
  5. Existing employees could log in and see their pay stubs at any time, etc. which is a much better solution than us scanning their pay stubs to their e-mail like we do currently since they are at multiple locations (Which scares the living crap out of me….that eventually there will be an error and it will get sent to the wrong person)
  6. We are struggling with managing our health insurance plans and quite frankly, I'm tired of wasting so much time and money trying to hunt down the proper providers, plans, etc. Gusto supposedly recommends plans and providers in addition to having a health insurance consultant available at no additional charge


The reviews that I can find on Gusto seem to be mixed. Some people saying it is great and has saved them tons of time and money. Others saying that their auto-pay of payroll taxes or employee deductions were calculated wrong and now they are getting hit with interest and penalties, there are hours long wait times if you need phone support, the health insurance recommendations and consultations are a joke, etc. I'm not sure whether to chalk some of these reviews up to lack of organization from the get-go or if these are truly hurdles that we are definitely going to run into with Gusto. If these issues are true, I would rather spend a little more time and money and stay where I am now doing it in-house (and maybe clean up some processes/procedures).

Can anyone give me some first hand experience and thoughts? Any insight is appreciated.


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