Starting a device repair company. Any advice?

Hi folks!

I'm excited to be helping a businessman in my small-ish town (106K people) start a cell phone, laptop, PC etc repair company. We are renting a space in the local mall and neither of us have done this before, although I bring experience running consulting firms and people management and he brings experience running cell phone sales stores (Verizon etc).

I've got a million ideas on how to ensure that we are successful in the first one, three, twelve and twenty four months, and I'm in the process of organizing all of these thoughts so we can go over everything and hash out a business plan. We plan to have this store up and running at the end of May this year.

Has anyone here run a store like this before? If you have any advice or tips on what to do and not to do and any pitfalls to watch out for, that would be super appreciated!

Thanks everyone! 🙂


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