What would you pay for a food delivery fee?

We're a meal prep company, offering healthy, fresh macro-focused meals. Our minimum order is 5 meals (all meals are $8/ea). We've been in business for about 2 months, offering free delivery within 15miles of the town we're based in. We've only gotten one customer outside this radius so far, and charged $5 for delivery. Our menu/flyers state this delivery is complimentary, but that gratuities are appreciated. We only have one person who tips (and about 15 who don't). We're only two people, a nutritionist and a chef, and one of us is doing the deliveries so it may seem like it's an all encompassing deal since we don't currently offer a pick up option and don't have an additional delivery driver. This is a lot of time, gas, and wear and tear on our vehicles to deliver for free, so before we get more customers we'd like to change our delivery policy and charge a set delivery fee. What would you consider a fair delivery fee if you ordered these meals, delivered to your home or work? (We offer two delivery days – most people order once per week, ranging from $40-$150 orders).

Thanks in advance for your input!


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