Business case study discussions


I've got an idea for a new business and would like to know if someone is interested to try it out.

Probably many of you know that at Harvard they use the case study method. They discuss what someone has done, why they did it, how they did it, what the results were and what information they had while they made the decision.

What I want to do is replicate that, and discuss at least 1 business case study per week with someone who's interested in that.

We could do the discussions over Hangouts or similar software.

All of the business case studies can be bought from the Harvard's online store.

People are going to learn so many things by reading and studying the case study, but also what I think they're going to find useful is what other people think of the business case study.

The whole packet costs $10. What people are going to receive for that is: 1 case study, access to the discussion on Hangouts and access to a private FB group where they can meet new people who want to grow their businesses and share their experience.

If someone is interested, send me a private message, so that I could send you the date of the first case study discussion.

The first business case study that we're going to be discussing is about Starbucks and what they did in 2002 to improve its customer satisfaction, sales and strategy.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Have a great day!


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