Do you have ever get approached by agencies or marketers who claims that they can show you how to tap into your target audience and sell?

Ever since we launched our startup, I get approached by so many people who are Digital Marketers, SEO experts, PR masterminds, etc. They claim that they can show us how to tap into our target audience, crack our sales funnel, run FB ads but I'm yet to see the results produced by any one of them. First of all, they are super expensive to hire for a startup, then secondly the ones we chose to move forward with just doesn't put the same level of energy as I can to sell my products. They make promises and even though we make small progress, they failed to deliver what we agreed on in the big picture. We are pretty much bootstrapping and don't have a hefty marketing/advertising budget. The type of marketers I need must be able to produce results right away rather than experimenting with us and making us bleed money. I'm curious to hear as business owners if you ever get approached by agencies who claim that they have the expertise to take you to the next level? And what are your experiences are like with them?


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