Pricing of T Shirts for Conventions

Hi Everyone

Last year I started a side business selling T Shirts at conventions (anime/comic/video game cons). When I started it took me a couple of shows to sort of figure out my pricing, but eventually I settled on $25 per shirt (flat, including tax, no discounts or combos). It did well enough that I will continue the side business this year. My first show this year is next week (Calgary Expo!).

For this year I'm thinking of increasing my price slightly.

1 Shirt = $28, 2 or more shirts = $25 each

I've been trying to Google up some articles or papers on the effects of pricing things like this on sales, but haven't really come up with anything that speaks directly about this specific thing. I assume there are books on retail theory that speak about this, but the show is next week and I won't have time to read such things (though if any recommended books pop up I'll look them up after the show).

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with pricing goods in convention settings, and what kind of price combos have worked for them. Any theory behind such pricing models would be appreciated as well.

Also some background info:

  • I am in Canada, and my prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • $25 was an attractive price for me because it was usually cheaper than my competition, still gave me profit, and neither me nor the customer had to deal with coin change.

Lastly, if anyone has questions about selling stuff at conventions, feel free to ask. I've been to dozens of conventions as a vendor/staff of a vendor (that's how I got the idea to strike out on my own), including some big ones (NYCC, SDCC) so I can probably give you some insight on things.

Thanks for your time.



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