Want turn my department into an income generating entity… should i convince company to branch off to independent company? How?

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this but i've been thinking about something all today.

In order for you to understand my question, i have to give a bit of back story…

I started working with a company 2 years ago – I was referred to the company by my now current boss (and he was a previous boss – we worked together for a few months before he left that company – liked me so much he put his name on the line for me to get me a job)

I started as a Tier 3 tech to a small IT group of 5 including the manager. The IT department was larger though, a group of 12 – an applications support team & a development team, we were all pretty much segmented and rarely communicated with other parts of our team. (compartmentalized)

The "helpdesk" rarely used ticketing software, or it's expensive Remote & Monitoring Management tool. We mostly did break/fix and only projects when asked by the company or needed. We were rarely proactive. There was no constant improvement on our department, it was stale.

The guy that recommended me, worked as a technology project manager for development on our new buildings. We're talking 180,000+ sq ft buildings with about a million dollars worth of IT equipment (from cabling to servers) – he oversaw most of it – our team did some of the work as well.

The guy that got me the job needed help as we were opening more buildings so, he talked with my then bosses boss, will call him "Jack" (the top boss) int moving me under him to start doing more design work and actually tier 3 stuff (he also saw i was not enjoying the "helpdesk" duties of my tier 3 position (we had so many tickets that if i didn't help, we would've went under)) My at the time boss "Bob" had no problems with me moving until he realized that the helpdesk would go to shit because i was holding it together.

I did design work & installing servers, switches & firewalls for about 6 months.

During this time Jack decided to bring in a director of technology to help get us where we needed to be as he didn't have the time to do it.

Well, shit started to hit the fan in IT – Our new applications weren't working, the helpdesk was going to shit. The only two people that were getting praise on the IT team was myself and my boss. (We'll start calling my boss/buddy, "Frank") & the new VP quit because he found another job he'd enjoy more!

The company didn't want to hire another director because it failed & failed miserably. Bob was back in charge. Did i mention that Jack wasn't around much and was buddies with Bob?

Well Frank and Jack talked behind Bobs back because Bob just wasn't performing well and wasn't open to suggestions and failing at his job and the department. Jack was under pressure to get IT in order but was busy with other things & too trusting of Bob. Eventually Frank convinced jack to put himself between him and Bob (so Jack is on top dog, then Frank then Bob)

After two months Bob put his 2 weeks notice in, because he was started to get outted on how poorly he had been doing his job. (tons of wasted money and time that he was hiding)

Well, Frank moved me up the ladder to Bob's position and eliminated the entire technology development team (a team of one now, since Frank was also promoted to director and i was promoted to manager)

4 months have gone by and we've cut costs, increased our team helpdesk team up to 13 and are still proving/showing the company we need more resources (and showing it that we deserve/worth every penny) and doing a good job at it.

I was told a month after we took over that the company was ready to fire us all and outsource our jobs because of how bad we were but in one month we were able to start turning things around.

Now the company is starting to love IT. The powers to be removed Jack completely from our team leaving Frank & I at the top of the ladder.

I know this is long….

It's been about 5 months now. I've uncovered so much money to be saved. My boss (frank) & I want to grow our department to double or triple the size it is now in the next year (by eliminating vendors we use and doing the work ourselves (low voltage cabling)) We basically want to start our own business as an MSP doing low voltage work, installing, supporting and maintaining phone systems & network infrastructures, carrier services…

Almost to the question. (i think)

I'm not a business person. But i know money – The less people you have above you the better. So the way my boss and i have been talking about this, is that we just continue to grow the company under our current company and let them deal with the "logistics" of making us our own company. Our parent company is a "holding company", they basically deal in running and building companies to make a profit.

So, i asked my boss today – what's in it for us for doing the extra work that we're doing? We're both doing at least 50 hours a week, wearing multiple hats – stressed & overworked from dealing with endless fixing and undoing of crap that the last manager did all the while holding down an understaffed helpdesk (we're having a hard time finding candidates because of our location) and his answer was "ego" and the fact that if we weren't doing this we'd be bored out of our mind, basically we both in a sense enjoy what we are doing. We've both never been given this much power before to do things the way we want and we're starting to see that we are doing millions of times better than expected.

So i just agreed with him because i didn't really want to just say: i want more money. (i'm being paid quiet a bit for my level of experience & age as it is)


But tonight – i had a thought. Should my boss and i create an entire business plan (knowing that i don't have any business experience and him very little) to become our own independent company (not under the "Holding company") and present it to the company as a "This is what we want to do & This is how we will do it" – What do we do financially do this (like pay the "holding company" a percentage of our profits for x years and they help us until we can stand on our own two feet…) or "we both want more money" or percentage of profit?

I figure that if we become a company under the "holding company" we won't get much unless we are constantly fighting for it and the company will be the beneficiary of our hard work: getting things on track now & pushing towards becoming an income generating entity. On top of that we have to do it under their guidelines and rules – we could also be replaced at anytime or someone put directly over us at anytime.

If we become our own independent company, we can set our own standards – go by our own rules. We would have more responsibility and work, but we would be our own bosses in a sense (except for the customer is always right thing)… We would reap the rewards or fail, but by our own sword.

We would in theory turn our department into a consultant/vendor for the "Holding company" and charge them what they are paying us (or a fair price) for services.

So, should we attempt to become independent? If so, what would be the best route to do so?

If we do and the company turns down the idea – do we have any other options (Threaten to quit, attempt to get more money, just keep doing what we're doing…?)

TL;DR – My boss & I want to turn our department into an income generating entity by putting a lot of work into it. Should we tell our company we want to break away and create our own business? If so, how would we go about doing this? If not, what should we do to protect ourselves and/or earn more for our dedicated work?


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