I have hardly started. I want to hear from those of you who have a physical location in the united states.

My husband and I have not made our roots anywhere yet, and I'm not wanting to actually open my business until I've decided on a place to spend my life. So pretty much what I'm asking, how is it having a business in your state/county/city?

I currently live in Mississippi. My dad started his business down here, and from seeing his experiences, I'd never want to open a business in this state. So I'm wanting to know about your experiences in your state.

I've been researching into small business laws by state, all that good stuff. So I have a decent idea of a few states I think would be good to settle down in, but I think it would be helpful to talk to people from different regions as well.

I'm wanting to start up a cafe/coffee shop type deal, by the time I'm 28. I'm 22 now.


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