Young aspiring entrepreneur seeking to learn from you and work for free


My Name Is Noah, I’m a 19 year old German with a passion for entrepreneurship and business that started at a very early age. From selling my own newspaper in a soccer stadium to setting up a miniature golf park in my grandparent’s backyard, I have alway s tried to turn ideas into viable business endeavors. By the time I was 16, I was already working on my first “real” business, and not too long ago, I started a new one. Both of them generated a nice amount of Income for my age at the time.

Do you need any help with your online, or even offline business?

I would be happy to work for you for free. What do I ask in return? to learn from you. After reading hundreds of books, completing online courses and starting my own businesses, I thought that the next best step forward would be to work for successful entrepreneurs and learn from them.

I will be in the US this summer, therefore, I would be available in the months of July and August for any time period you think works best. I will also have a car and will be happy to perform any task you might require.

I’m a hard worker, with a problem-solving attitude and I am ready to learn from you. I hope to hear from you and discuss a possible collaboration further!

All the best,


PS: I posted the same thing in another subreddit and it led to a discussion about wether someone should work for free. This is my opinion on it:

I was struggling for a long time wether I should spend a lot of money to go to college or not. (I'm still not sure btw) In the book "Drop out and get schooled" the author, Patrick Bet David, recommends to young entrepreneur to offer themselves as free labor to entrepreneurs. According to him you will learn way more in a very short period of time than you would in college. And I Agree with him. I think by sacrificing revenue at a young age (and putting education first) it will lead to more revenue in the future.


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