Any accountants around? Could really use some help with bookkeeping (setting up chart of accounts). Got ripped off by a local accountant.

Hey, everyone.

After procrastinating it for way too long, I'm trying to get my "books" in order ("books" in quotes because I don't actually have any).

After paying $800 to a local accountant (about $200 of which was spent waiting for his computer to update Quickbooks), I have absolutely no desire to speak to another local accountant. For that $800 I essentially learned "You need to set up accounts, this is how you do it in Quickbooks. Come back when you've done it (and pay me $250/hr to see how you did [it will probably be terrible and I'll probably charge you another $800 to tell you how wrong everything is)." I can't afford that.

I have absolutely no accounting background whatsoever, so this is all a deep mystery that, despite trying to read about it, I can't seem to figure out.

Sole proprietor, two Shopify storefronts, Quickbooks Desktop Pro. That's what I've got. Any advice, resources (very much in the ELI5 category), or even encouragement would be tremendously helpful.

Thanks 🙂


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