Feedback from copywriters!

Hi everyone! My very first post on Reddit, not sure yet how it works but I've heard most of the internet hangs around here ahah so I hope to receive some feedback πŸ™‚

Basically I'm a professional, freelance translator but also run a little shop that makes laptop decals for freelancers / professionals – I won't post a link here so it doesn't get promotional ❌, no worries.

Long story short, they're meant to help you connect with people and attract potential clients as you work from your laptop in coffee shops, coworking spots, ecc.

Until now, the designs have been super straightforward and minimalistic (e.g. Copywriter At Work), but we're drafting some new concepts which feature a CTA / line that prompts potential clients to actually approach you.

So far we've been developing a line for translators, interpreters and photographers, and now getting onto the copywriter thing (it's on Dropbox because I couldn't figure if there's a way to upload photos here!):

How do you like these? Any feedback / favorites?




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