GSA (general services administration)?

Sorry for the rambling post, but I have a few different thought avenues that I wanted to mention. I'm looking for insight into the GSA schedules program and welcome any insight, comments, suggestions, etc.

Our company is considering pursuing GSA schedules, and are particularly interested in GSA Advantage, but I'm having trouble deciphering the program. We are considering hiring a consultant to help with the proposal, but I imagine I'll have a tough time convincing my boss it is worth the investment. We do a lot of government/military work already so I'm thinking GSA would be a good market for us to enter.

Has anyone hired a consultant to help them, and if so how much did it cost / was it worth it?

Interestingly none of our direct competitors (even the big guys) are GSA contract holders – might this be a sign that it isn't a good venture for companies in our market, including us?

I've read that getting a schedules contract is only the beginning, and you still have to market yourself in order to get business but I was under the impression that Advantage is like a catalog for government employees, and we would be the only company selling the products. So how would we go about marketing our products?

Most of the products we intend to offer are products that the government/military would use, but none of these items are listed in the GSA Advantage catalog. Would we be able to add them or does the government dictate which products are allowed in the catalog?


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