Reducing Sales Team Commission… and asking them to “tighten their belt”?

Long story cut short: I run a modest Property Agency, selling and renting properties. This is my first venture but in my naive optimism… I made the mistake of offering "Good Level Basic Salary" and above Market Standard Commission.

I have tried many things to increase volume of deals and deal value to try and make-up for the Overheads….

My problem, is the more I keep going the more it is apparent this is unsustainable… i reckon with current spending/ losses, I will survive at best 6-7 Months. (End of the year).

One major option is to decrease commission rates, if I do that I would be slightly profitable. However since it hurts my Sales Team, my sales might suffer and I might as well not have done anything. Anyone have experience with this kind of situation?

**Any advice is really welcome… I feel if I do this I will be more alone than ever.. and I really need to consider carefully.


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