Does anyone have first-hand experience with dog-related businesses?

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to open up a dog daycare. I've been in the legal field for a few years and make a pretty comfortable living but I know I need to take the leap to finally do this before I have a mental break because I despise everything about my job and do truly think I have the potential to be successful running my own dog daycare business. However, I'd like to hear about personal experiences from others while I am still in the business planning stages.

If anyone has had experience, what was your biggest mistake? Do you recommend getting into it or was it a money pit? Do you make a decent living and/or are you happy doing what you're doing?

I'm also curious as to what types of properties you ended up having to lease/purchase…. was it industrial or a converted office space? Do you have an outdoor area? I'm located in NYC so it's particularly expensive and the options as far as outdoor spaces are limited (though I am looking specifically in Brooklyn).

Any and all advice helps!!


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