How to write a balance sheet for my business

I have to do a class project where i have to come up a business idea. I have write downa executive summary, marketing strategy, a description about my product/service line, and the financial projections for the company. My business is a service where people are curious to have a dog but they're not sure whether they're committed of adopting as full time. So i decided to creatr s business where i work with the animal shelters where consumers have a better streamline search on which dog to pick from the local shelters that my company works with. We offer a rental rate to 4,6,8, and 24 hour plan to rent the dog to give consumers if they want some time to think about it. By doing this, im doing a better job of advertising thendogs for the local shelters and also preventing less euthanasia. I was thinking of hiring couple of vehicles for delivery purposes for the dogs to the consumers. I was wondering what would be considered as assets besides vehicles and a office? Also what would be the accounts receivable and payable since we really dont carry inventory. Only we work with the dog shelters to promote the dogs they have. Also there shouldnt be cost of goods sold since nothing is going into making any product in our business. Rather we're a service.


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