Want a retail license; what am I getting myself into?

I would like to get a retail license for a board game store without any intention of really opening a store. Essentially I want a place for my friends and I to be able to meet and play games that would have access to those things a retail license are required for (large group orders, specialty tournament kits, etc).

I figured before I got too far or spoke with someone about setting up the business I could get a very broad outline of what is going to be required to make this happen.

I know this is an extremely broad question but I'm looking for very broad answers. What can I expect to spend yearly/startup for something like this (based in Louisiana)? What kind of paperwork will be required, taxes, etc.

Again, I do apologize for the vagueness of the question, but I don't know enough about running a business to really ask anything more specific.


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