Foundation to start selling a product on my website & amazon


I am trying to sell a shampoo on Amazon and a website, and have two questions that I was hoping this subreddit could help me clarify:

  1. Before I invest, a lot of money in this venture, I want to see, how actual customers (not friends and family) like my shampoo and if I can get any visibility in Amazon's crowded space. I am able to get 50 manufactured with my formula for a very reasonable price. With that said, in reddit’s opinion, do you think it is necessary for me to spend the ~800 dollars to set up a llc for this initial quantity (Im in CA)? I do have a decent amount of personal savings, and do not want someone to go after that if they were to sue me, but I also don’t want to waste 800 dollars if no one likes my product.
  2. What other considerations do I need to consider for selling a shampoo? After I have someone manufacture my formula, I put on the front and back label and list it for sale on Amazon, is there anything else I need to do? Do I need to tell any federal registries about the shampoo (FDA, consumer safety, etc…) Do I need to apply for any licenses to sell the initial test-batch (Tax ID, business license, etc..)? (The manufacturer does have all the proper licenses)



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