1st time business proposal – guidance requested

A few weeks ago I started working delivery for a catering company that is working with a gym providing a high end meal preparation service for our area. I consider myself a very analytical, efficient, organized, and observant individual and have known the staff at the gym that's involved for a long time now. While doing my job doing simple deliveries and interacting with both companies I made the realization that there is a need for someone to take this project from them. Currently the staff of both companies is doing far more than they can handle and have staff members working say 8 hours training or managing the gym, or the caterer working a full day and then all of them come in to package/prep/organize the meals, and some of those people then also are at the caterer's by 4 am to help deliver. I confronted a senior staff member about my concerns for the project with the assumption it will expand and even as it exists now and conveyed this information to him and he offered me the opportunity to make a proposal for such a managerial position, to those who own the companies/currently run the project.

I have my bachelors in science/psychology and have little professional experience with such things, and while I consider myself a very intelligent and efficient individual – I have no business background. That being said I am passionate about taking on this responsibility and was hoping fellow Redditors might have some advice on how to go about producing/presenting a professional business proposal, from start to finish, as it may pertain to the position I've described.

To all, thanks a lot in advance!

Edit 1: Responsibilities would basically include everything starting from after clients sign onto the program to getting the product to their doorstep, not including the cooking and preparation of the food itself. Examples would include hiring and managing personnel to deliver & package, working with our digital design guy on something like a cloud-based system for said personnel to get their routes and information required to deliver, determining the most time efficient routes to minimize superfluous hires, potentially working as customer support for clients involved, ordering supplies needed, and possibly several other responsibilities I have yet to identify.


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