Looking for advice on possible collaborations…

So I have started a small side business of making dog toys in my spare time. More a hobby that I have thrown to Etsy and self promoting via FB and IG.

I reached out to a local subscription dog box service to see if they would be interested in including my products in their boxes one month. They agreed to meet with me, saying that they were interested. Our meeting is set for May 6th.

Here is where I need help…I have no idea what to expect! I don't know what sort of things they might ask me, what they might expect (ie: payment, percentage, etc), what should I ask of them…this is my first meeting of this sort and I am just kinda lost. The only thing I know is that they asked me to bring along a sample to the meeting (obviously).

Any and all advice that you could give is more than welcome here!


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