[Offer] Free AdWords Marketing Service

Hi all!

If you need a way to boost your business – why not find people who already need your product?

Every day for the past 18 years, someone has searched online "bathroom remodeling Chicago," "electrician Miami," or "Grand Rapids window repair."

Don't try to educate the populous on your business, be found by people who already need you!

Work with me, and I'll help you get more leads every month, with no profit to myself.

I'm an apprentice in the AdWords space, studying under the successes of my mentor Andy Black. (I don't want to post any links, but you can find his blog pretty easily if you're interested.)

We see AdWords and paid search as an apple tree, full of customers who are interested in our services. It makes no sense to set your basket in the kitchen and hope to catch a few apples (Facebook posts, email lists and the like) instead of being directly under the tree when an apple falls! (Paid search.)

I just want to learn the game, get some practice in, and boost my expertise/resume with the platform.

Because of that, I'm offering two local service businesses free AdWords campaign management. All you pay is however much you device to spend on ads.

I've never quite made a post like this before, so we'll just go AMA style. If you all have any questions, feel free to ask!

Mods, if this post violates any rules, strike me down!


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