Starting a Card Shop in 2017

I'm currently in a position where I am wanting to start up my own card shop for my area. Obviously jumping in head first into something I have zero experience in is a terrible idea and I figure that I should ask at least someone.

The plan is to be mainly for there to be regular competitions of Yugioh and Magic and potentially gaming tournaments (MVC3, Smash, etc).

Some background about my current financial status:

I'm currently in college on the brink of switching majors and transferring schools since my first year didn't go too hot. I have loans that are about half way paid currently. I have ~$13,000 saved from my part time job and still working.

I would like some tips and or suggestions about how you could actually turn a profit in this industry. I know that a majority of the "income" will come from tournament entries, but I need to know what else would be profitable.

Thanks in advance!


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