How to Use Coupons in Our Small Business?

Hi everybody!

I'm a personal / administrative assistant for the owner of a local bakery. We supply her breads to at least 20 retails and about 25 restaurants in the area. Occasionally we do samplings and want to create a coupon that gives customers a small discount if they try some of our specialty breads featured in the samplings.

We are already registered with GS1 US, so we are able to create the barcodes, but I was just hoping somebody who had done this before could help explain exactly how it works.

Do the retailers collect the coupons and mail them back to us for the credits? Do we need to register the barcodes with all 20 retailers, or will they work without registration? I know that there are people out there who make fake coupons that work at stores so I would assume they would work regardless?

I would greatly appreciate any insight or information anybody has on this!


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