What helped you learn to manage employees?

Hey Guys,

We have four new hires coming on in the next 2-3 months. Until now it's been four of us, three of which are the original founders. Because of the small number of us and the fact that we all have a very good grasp on the business, "management" thus far has been relatively easy. Our only existing employee is basically our right hand man and often acts as a part of the founding team. This round of hires is going to introduce a whole new dynamic to our quickly growing business.

How did you guys learn to manage employees? How did you learn to create healthy relationships in the workplace? I have a month to prepare for this now that offers have started going out (the first start date is early June). Any good reading you can recommend? What mistakes did you make in training / hiring / management that you have learned from? Any advice for us?

edit – a letter


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