Apparel Buying House Help

Hi Team,

I needed some help with a unique business problem that I have and I wasn't entirely sure where to post but I guess this sub might just be the best place.

We have a family garments buying house business – which in the most basic form is essentially the middleman between a brand/company that needs apparel made and the manufacturer/factory that makes it. We provide services such as QA, contracts, logistics support to western based brands that require their apparel made in Bangladesh. I myself only got involved in this business very recently and I have a few concerns that I was hoping the collective brain power on this sub could maybe help me with.

I am based in Australia and am hoping to expand the business in this part of the world but I am not sure exactly how to approach getting brands to buy through us – I've tried cold calling numerous companies to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another concern I have is that the existing company profile IMO is severely lacking from the crude design to formatting issues and even the language I feel would put many companies off. For this matter, I am wondering if anyone here on this sub knows of any resources I can utilise to develop a better company profile or even engage an independent client to do some work on it. As this is an advice post, if people are keen I can private message the existing company profile for their feedback/review.

Thank you all for your time and hopefully, we can get this post some traction.

Here's to all of us making it!!

Cheers T


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