How do you unload a truck with minimal equipment?

Maybe this is a brain fart but I'm trying to figure out how to unload a truck (tractor trailer). Each box is about 40 pounds. About 4 ft off the ground, no loading dock, inventory is not on palettes, so a forklift does not seem like a possible option. Then, I gotta get it down the stairs into the basement.

I've seen people slide boxes down a metal slide. I tried to search for "truck slide" but that seems to be the name of something else. What's the proper name for it? I tried searching for "trailer ramps" too but that seems to be for loading ATV's / lawnmowers. I might be able to make use of a "table lift" if I can get it in in the right size, height, and sturdiness.

Ideally, I want ramp that I can use a hand-trunk on, and a slide that can go down the stairs to the basement. What are the proper names for this equipment?


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