I Just Quit My Corporate – Launching My Own Business

So, 2015 – 2016 were 2 life changing years for me. I was fortunate enough to get mentored under a successful entreprenuer / online marketer. He took me under his wings and taught me pretty much everything he knew. He even hired me and gave me the taste of freedom when being able to work from home. I got hooked and obsessed with internet marketing.

I did build 8 properties for my mentor and his company last year, all together bringing in ~$15k/month (Which most likely will double this year). Meantime I worked on my personal projects, with the vision in mind to be completely free (work for myself).

This year, april 2017 we came to a cross road. He told me that I had to choose. Either continue to work with and for him, or choose to put all my time into my own projects. I could not have 2 masters, Either go all out from his company or go all out for my own projects. I decided to go all out for my own projects.

So here I´m. Just launched my first business. And the Business looks something like this: My business will be built up by 3 different business models. 1, Affiliate Marketing. I have a solid White Hat SEO Website that I´m aiming to bring to atleast $10k/month this year. 2, Amazon FBA. I´ll continue to grow my Product Line / Brand on Amazon. 3, Client SEO. Help local business owners to rank in Google. 4, Looking into ecommerce. Use my SEO and content marketing knowledge to find good markets with great potential to jump into.

I wanted to make this post to hopefully tie some new connections. I recently launched a YouTube channel, where my intention is to spill as many golden beans as possible for people that want to start an online business. Check it out if you´re interested [Max Perzon SEO should get you to my channel]

I guess that´s a wrap. Would be awesome to get some kind of discussion going. See what´s going on in here 🙂

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