I want to start real estate business, but I live in poor country and have no money. This is my idea. Can you give me some advices, suggestions and brainstorming?

First of all, I need to apologize for my bad english skills. English is my second language and I have some problems with writting.

Sorry for that. My story goes like this:

I really want to start my own business. I'm 24, still studying (law) and I work as social media manager, copywriter and internet marketing strategist (sometimes I earn few bucks for making websites via WordPress). But, digital marketing is not something that I want to do for living and people in my country still don't understand and don't appreciate it enough. Instead, I'm dreaming about starting my own business from scratch (about something more materialistic), where I could use my marketing skills to grow.

Real estate business is something that I would really love to do. But, I have no money to invest in it, neither I have real estate property to sell. So, I started to think about using digital marketing skills to set base for my business in future and to get some money which I would invest in business.

I live in small and poor European country, but bright side of it is that there is competition, but not too much, so there are less chances to be destroyed by them.

So, what's my idea now?

I'm thinking about creating a website that would be central place to advertise if somebody wants to sell his or hers real estate property in my city. They will get free advertisment through my website for first few months and after that, if I get a lot of followers on social media and web traffics, I would charge them for some reasonable price.

Website would have two main sections:

1) Magazine (blog) about architecture, enterior design etc. – I was Editor-in-Chief at online Architecture & Enterior magazine, so I could use these experience to get followers on social networks, for SEO and to get web traffic.

2) Lists of available real estates in my city – one list would be like just ads, but second one would be VIP with more descriptions and info about houses and apartments, and their locations.

If I succeed with my website, I will get great starting point for real estate agency and budget to buy my first real estate property.

So, I would be very thankful if you could give me some advices about my website and comments about my idea. Maybe I sound silly, but it's not simple to express ideas when you have problems with english skills. Sorry for that once again.

Thank you for reading and for your time.

TL;DR – I want to start real estate business, but I have no money for it. Instead I want to make website for real estate advertising so I could get enough money and base for business. I live in poor country and need your ideas.

EDIT: Just trying to make this post more readable.


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