Partial Interest in an Irrigation specialist company(Sprinkler repairs)… Ideas on growth tactics…

I am a soon to be licensed CPA in the state of Texas. A close friend of mine is a licensed and insured irrigation specialist with the state of Texas. He is incredibly talented at what he does, and has loads of experience. He recently(11/16) left his parents landscaping company and started out on his own. I helped him with some business entity structuring advice and got him set up with some decent books.

He is getting to the point of actually needing some business management help, so we have worked out a partnership agreement to bring me in as a permanent role in the small company. Right now, there is really no income in it for me. For Q1 of 2017, he has brought in close to $31k in revenue, off of straight 100% organic customers(he took zero clients from his parents company when he left). This has been mainly through word of mouth, and recently a little traction generated from service sites(IE: Angies List, HomeAdvisor, etc…).

I see the potential in the growth, the margins are incredible(most service companies make decent margins), we are in a bit of a niche market in that we only service sprinkler repairs, and complete installs by referral only(we don't advertise complete installs). The reason we are shying away from installs is because the margins are A LOT tighter, and it's hard to find the skilled/reliable labor needed to complete these jobs on time.

My main question is this…. We need more growth now. He has the extra capacity to do more jobs, and the equipment to do so. I've thought about leveraging my career as a CPA(or soon to be) to bring in more clientele. That is, going to my real estate investors, commercial property clients, etc… and offering my new ventures services. Other than that, I'm not sure where to focus the bulk of my business development resources. I've thought about going the PDF email flyer route(think mailchimp) and purchasing potential customer emails from legitimate sources. I've also thought about reaching out to landscaping/yard maintenance companies for referrals and partnering up with them as their "go-to" irrigation repair specialist.

New, organic customers will be the lifeblood of what we do. Sprinklers don't need to be mowed/trimmed 10 months a year, every other week like grass does here in Houston. So a constant stream of new business needs to be generated.

Any advice, help, questions, etc…. Would be greatly appreciated. Trying to think of other trees I'm not barking up yet.

Thanks everyone!!!


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