Building an inventory app vs. buying a cloud-based solution

As my business is growing inventory management is becoming an issue. I have a warehouse with about $100k in inventory (not that I have a good way to even know how much i have there), as well as 11 trucks on the road, each with probably $10-20k worth of inventory.

I know we waste a lot of product, so in order to track it I was looking at inventory management apps. The problem i'm running into is that most products that can do what i need (basic inventory tracking and transfer tracking between warehouse and trucks) also have a million other features and end up costing about $8000/year in subscription costs.

I used to do software development outsourcing, and I believe i could have a simple app to do what I need for about $50-75k.

The kicker is if i can build it there is a good chance i can get other franchises to use it and pay lets say $100/month for it (there are 147 total other franchises same as mine).

What do you guys think?


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