need advise about my new llc

I just started a new business (my first) hoping to dabble in digital media. The developer i hired to build some of my sites and set up the back end of my system had a deadline of 30 days but after about 90 he still wasnt even close so we had to fire him. There is a good chance we might scrap it all together so my the future of this llc is uncertain.

Im from nyc as is my llc. There is a law in new york where we have to file a certification of publication with 120 days of the companies formation or our ability to do business in nyc will be suspended.

The certification of publication is basically taking out ads for 6 weeks in both weekly and daily local news papers and then send receipts that we did this to my county clerks office.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks until the deadline to do so. but the future of my company isnt exactly looking promising since this developer put us months behind schedule and what we do have so useless so we need to start from scratch.

Im curious what happens if we dont do the certification i know we will lose the ability to do business but if we file it in lets say 2 months (30 days after the deadline) will it be to late ? the costs of taking out ads in nyc is in the thouands and i honestly feel like if i pay to do it then and end up closing shop in in a few months i would have thrown a few grand out the window.

I have to decide by tomorrow if i will file the certification


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