Side money – computer tech

Hey guys and gals, I have an idea for an at home side business and was curious if anyone has any information on this. First of all, I am a System Support Tech, so I work on computers for a living. Lately, i have been trying to think of a way to make money outside of my normal job. So I work for a business that occasionally upgrades their computers by a large amount at the time, let's say they upgrade 50 computers. When they do so, they also throw out 50 computers. Although they don't throw them out, they have an E-waste company come pick them up. Most of these machines are about 4 years old and still in working condition. Some are still pretty nice, like the MACs. I heard that when these E-waste places get these computers in large amounts like this, that they evaluate them and auction them off. Here where I come in, If I can come in and bid on these auctions, I will be willing to buy these PCs and resell them on craigslist or eBay. I know I can wipe them out and re-image them, or fix them when needed, and I have an idea on how much they would be worth and how much I should pay for them. I realize that I may need to buy them in mass or by the crate, and that is something I am willing to do if it will return me a profit. So anyways, does anyone have any information that may help me, or does anyone do something similar for profit? I would love to hear about it!


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