Starting a property management company, need your thoughts

Right now I’m an assistant manager of an apartment complex. I’ve been a manager of low income for years, but the property I worked at was sold. I am a broker in my state. Looking to increase my income by $2K a month (20 properties at $100/unit) and slowly become my own Property Management Company. This is what I thought: I have builduim as my property software. I now have a handyman that I can work with. I was going to advertise in Craigslist and a web site. I would advertise that I would manage properties for $50/month for the 1st year, then have a flat fee of $100/mo, (for the first 10 units). Then advertise a flat fee for $100/unit. I would also try to lease a home or two a month, off the web site. I’m also open to list homes for sale at $400 (and find an agent to work with them after the sale for a referral fee (not going to put money into advertising for this)

I have a couple of questions: 1. How should I advertise (have around $268.00 each month). How does paying for listing to appear on front page of the internet work? 2. Should I say I’m just starting out or try to act like I’m already an established company or a bouquet company? 3. What number of unit do you think I might be able to sign up (I work a 40 hour a week job). 4 Is there something I should be doing, that I have not thought of? Thanks for your feedback


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