What are your thoughts on this bonus based on ticket times plan for the team lead?


I have two food trucks that are really busy during the five hours we're open. On the weekends we'll do right around 2K+ a day in five hours at each location. I can't be at both and want to find a way to motivate the guys to get food out quicker since no one likes waiting 45 mins for their order. It gets overwhelming when you have over 100 people outside waiting for food and 30-40 tickets at a time inside though.

I was thinking of giving the team lead a bonus based on sales and ticket times. They usually make more that the 10% in tips, but I put that there as an example.

My idea was that for every extra 250 in sales, they could add 5 mins to the wait time for the same bonus, but with an incentive to get the orders out faster.

I'm definitely going to include some factors such as waste, mistakes, same great quality as usual. What other things should I consider before implementing this? I'm considering no bonus if waits get to an hour (meaning something went wrong procedure wise), but wouldn't want them to just not care at all if they hit an hour and knew they wouldn't get the bonus, not that I think that would happen.


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