How can I promote my products/website online?

Hi guys. I've recently started selling some products (stickers) online. These stickers are custom cartoons drawn by me. I posted about the first sticker on a few platforms, and it got a lot of attention and people really liked it. The first day, I posted online about them being available since they got a lot of interest before hand. I got 5 sales. Great. The second day, nothing. The third day, one more sale. Currently on the 5th day, no sales. I'm not saying it's my products or the prices or anything are crap and no one wants them, because over the last few days after I sold a good amount, I've only had 5 or so visitors to my store. The first day when I made those sales, I had 60 views. It just seems hard for me to drive people to my site to see my products. Any help would be great.


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