No business experience at all – where would I start?

I've only ever had office jobs, not even in the private sector. I've never been motivated by making huge amounts of money. My education is in the arts. However, I hate office jobs, I'm tired of working for other people, and I learned today that I stand to inherit 100k. I'm just thinking about what I could do with it, and one possibility is becoming an entrepreneur. I'd never thought about it before, and it's an exciting prospect.

I gather some people are really driven by their passion for their product/service. Others work from what they know well. Others seem to be ruthless pragmatists and just go for what they know for sure will sell.

I'm just tossing ideas around. Will definitely do more research (probably a ton), and if I decide to go forward with it will be going to workshops, mentoring, etc – but interested in your ideas on what the best way to go might be.

Ideas I'm into:

  • Shoe store (bridging comfort/orthopedic shoes & fashion). I know a lot about the product, could get excited about this – but have never worked in retail. (Thinking about getting a job at a shoe store to at least get an idea.) Also not sure 100k would be enough to get enough inventory without a partner.

  • I'd love to open up a women-only gym with a focus on weightlifting. I'd love to offer daycare for moms, and non-intimidating classes for seniors and people who want to focus more on weight loss). I could also be ok with buying (or leasing? No idea) a franchise (like a 24-hour budget fitness chain) and just running it to a standard I'd be looking for myself. Again would do tons of research, just some ideas.

  • A bar or cafe that doubles as a music venue. Very hesitant about this, because not only do I have no experience, but it seems like there'd be a ton of liability with this, a lot of risk. A lot of hard work. But it would be great to contribute to the community in this way, I think I'd love it. I'd get a serving job somewhere to learn, as well.

  • Any high-margin or more accessible business that would give me the $$ and experience to get more involved in projects closer to the heart later on, very open here. Some kind of online store, maybe.



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