Repairshopr alternative software I built for my shop – looking for feedback!

Hey! so I own a repair shop in wigan, UK and have done for the past 2.5 years. When starting out I used repairshopr and the likes however didn't feel it was right due to the extreme complexity it offered for loads of features and some stuff I wouldn't ever use.

Having a background in software/electronics I decided to build my own, this software's had a few major iterations over the years but recently I've been thinking about re-purposing it for use for all you guys or other techs in a similar situation, who just want basic software.

I made a quick video explaining a bit about our workflow and how the system works for us and a few things I'm currently adding to it but really I'm just trying to get some feedback about this before I waste more brain cells on the "sharing" idea.

Anyway, here's the vid: Thanks again.

What do you guys think?! Am I bat shit crazy or is this actually a useful piece of software outside of our store?!

Thanks 🙂


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