Small business owner with Father-Need Advive

So me an my Dad both own a Diesel road service. I've been going on road calls the last year with him to learn how to work on Diesel trucks (I don't have any experience on them before this year and I'm learning off him). He has been a Diesel mechanic for over 20 years and has some experience with management and owning another small business long ago. At the same time I'm going to college to take business and accounting classes to learn and help grow our business in the future. But the problem is working on road calls takes up a lot of my time and I'm not able to focus on college as much as I'd like. It's a lot of work and my dad needs a helping hand to help split the calls we get during the week. At the time I feel like I'm going to need the education in the future if we expect this business to grow. What do you think our best option is here? How can I balance going to college and working all the labor?


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