Which Tool to make your work more efficient?

I am a Freelancer and since a couple of weeks I am trying to find the right way to make my work more efficient. I have a couple of clients, which give me frequently new tasks and I need to put them into a planner. My problem right now is, that if I don't have a day or week plan, I don't work as efficient as I could. Right now I am doing all on paper for each day, but I need it more flexible and maybe change quickly some stuff.

I used many To-Do Apps, but they are all not the right fit for me. My main concern is, that I can't find something which is like this:

I have 10 To-Dos on my list and I am planning my next day or week. Now I want be able give every task a certain work time, like "ok this task will need 2 hours of work approximately" and I when I am planning my week or day want to put this task from my to do list into my week/day/month planner. So I can build up a whole work day with different task at different times.

How to you plan your week or your tasks? Do you use To-Do Apps? Maybe you could recommend me something to improve my work or maybe even a tool which fits my needs. I would love to hear your experience.


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