I want to open up a Natural beauty supply store, any tips?

My goal is to have a Natural hair store up and running by 2018. I feel confident since the place I live only have a total of 4 stores in the entire state,and I saw them add two more locations so I know the business is doing well.

I guess what I'am trying to ask is how much does it usually cost to open up a store, buying products in whole sale (I don't have the talent to make my own products so I will be selling others), as well as having a website to ship products.

I already have my eyes set on a location, and I saw two spots that are opening (a vape shop + nail shop) so I feel that strip would be perfect. To side track a bit, I see alot of vape shops now a days and when I googled how to open one, they suggest to find the funding via funding websites., but i feel a bit iffy about that.

I already signed up to a 2 hour business course on opening up a small business, but if I can hear some people's experiences that would be great as well =). Anyways,

Thanks in advance to whomever replies.


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