Questions about model contracts for my website’s hero image

I've got a my webshop set up and everything is ALMOST exactly how I want it — minus the imagery. Specifically, I'm using mock up images of models wearing my clothing and I'd prefer the real thing.

So here's my questions:

• I've found a local girl (on the younger side, but that's my target market — think Hot Topic) and would love to have her be the face of my hero images. I've already spoken with her father and her about this and they're on board to model some clothing. She's modeled before so I'm confident she'll be fine. I'm also a former art director of 13 years so I can lead the shoot if need be.

• Now, to make sure everything is on point I'd prefer she choose her preferred photographer from one she's worked with before, as well as only model clothing 1.) she's comfortable in and 2.) she actually likes aesthetically. She's a punky type, and I don't want to convey anything other than her natural tendencies.

• What specific kind of contract would I need to cover both our butts on this? She's a 14 year old kid and I'd require her parents to be there obviously, but contract wise what's normal for payment (vs. offering of, say, graphic design services she needs or keeping the wardrobe)? Who owns the images, her photographer or me? Does the contract need to state the family gets final approval on images, etc?

Basically, I want this as simple, but safe as possible so no one gets bit in the end. I fear any mention of a "contract" in itself would be met with apprehension, so how do I relieve that concern. I wouldn't use any images for anything other than the website and it's marketing efforts now and then.

Hope someone here can help.


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